Dust Collector Unit

“We start to provide the dust collector unit from european products , US. products , japanese products , China products and Thai products to the market.These are our experience to understand the alternative products to cope with your demand as same as service on those unit which are installed to your process. We can both provide and services on the unit that we install and even your own machine need to service, PM or repairment. ”

Design and Installation with guarantee and services

“The dust collection system for industry which have many kinds of process and the dusts which have to extract from it’s process are supposed to use specific tool and extraction hood which have to design to tackle the solution. By our engineering teamwork , we can design and install the dust collector unit ,piping,dusting hood, extraction hood and cleaning system for their process of production.”

Preventive Maintenance

“We provide the specific services of preventive maintenance program as your process demand by our well-trained technician supervised by our experience engineer”


“In case of your dust collector and dust collection system are needed to repair , we can service you at your site with special team to plan for task ”